The Omega Power Ministry has opened a Specialist hospital for pregnant women as her contribution to maternal mortality.

The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministry (OPM), Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor said that pregnant women will be attended to by the hospital irrespective of their religion or class.

Statuing that the hospital is fully equipped and is located in Omuohunwo village in Aluu, in the Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State to reduce the maternal mortality rate in the country.

The General Overseer said that the funds used in building the hospital was contributed by members through tithes and offerings. Promising that more funds will be raised in order to sustain the services by rendered by health workers in the hospital.

“By the grace of God, OPM free schools have run for over nine years and we sustained it with church offerings. We started with one and moved to two and now we have 11 schools.

“A lot of money is coming into the church every Sunday; what are pastors doing with it? If a pastor can use church money to build a school, why not use the same money to run and sustain it?

“If we can sustain the schools and five free estates, we can also sustain this. Some pastors call me saying I should stop disclosing that a lot of money comes into the church every day, but I will have to say the truth.

“God’s money should be used for God’s people. This is a specialist hospital. Why we are making it a specialist hospital is because the rate of maternal death is unbelievable. How can a woman carry a pregnancy for nine months without going to a hospital? Sometimes, they (pregnant women) are delivered of their babies at home and they die.

“We have employed professionals. We don’t want to compromise standard. We have engaged the best hands in the field and they will give good services here,” Chibuzor said.

The cleric added, “All the rooms are en suite and fully equipped. The hospital has a high standard. We have also made arrangements that when a woman is delivered of her baby here, we will feed her till she is discharged.


Sylvester is an event manager and decorator. He is a trained extension agent and a development communicator, a freelance writer, drama minister and pastor.


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