Today is Pastor Olubi Johnson’s 60th Birthday.

Pastor Olubi Johnson is the President of Christ Life Ministries and Founder/Setman of Scripture Pasture Christian Centre Ibadan, Nigeria. He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Lifeforte International High and Junior Schools, Biscordint Travels, Lifeforte Holdings and Investments and is  the Nigeria Master Affiliate of  Linux Professional  Institute  (LPI). Pastor Olubi Johnson is the Chairman Board of Trustees Elyon Koinonia Estate Developers Limited, Living Mercy Voice Foundation, a charity organization established by Scripture Pasture Christian Centre and Lifeforte Scholarship Foundation.

He attended the first secondary school in Nigeria, the prestigeous CMS Grammar School Bariga, Lagos (founded 1859) from January 1970 to June 1974, where he left with a grade 1 distinction (WASC). He holds a first class Bachelors and Masters degree in Physics from the University of Ibadan. He is also an alumnus of Imperial College London where he completed postgraduate coursework in Communication Engineering. His love for  the challenge of research in  cutting-edge  Computational  Theoretical  Physics  led  him, after many years of fruitful ministry, to return to his passion for academic research and attainment,  and  was recently  awarded a PhD.  in  Physics  from  the University  of  Ibadan for  his  dissertation entitled: “Atomistic Simulation and Calculation of  Optoelectronic Properties and  Efficiency of Graphene-Anatase Based Magnesium Perovskite Solar Cell.” With over 25 years of experience in education and management, Olubi continues to ensure that Lifeforte stays true to its mission of enhancing lives via excellent education.

Pastor Johnson is  the Nigeria Master Affiliate of  Linux Professional  Institute  (LPI),  the first  and largest  vendor-neutral  Linux and Open Source certification body in the world.



He ensures  the  growth  and  adoption  of   Linux  Open Source and  Free Software by identifying the best partner organizations for  LPI in Nigeria and English-speaking  West African countries  that are best suited  for  the task of promoting Linux professionalism in the region. Under his leadership, LPI Nigeria was awarded the fastest growing affiliate in the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region in its first year.

The  LPI Innovation  Hub (the  first  multi-disciplinary  Hub in  a sub-Saharan African  University  founded  by an Open Source body)  was built  by Pastor Johnson and his wife Sarah Olubi-Johnson  (Ph.D),  in  collaboration  with LPI Global.

Pastor Johnson has a passion  for   young people  and believes  that through the activities  at the LPI Innovation  Hub and the networking  it  will provide,   young  men  and  women  will   be equipped   in   no small   way  to contribute significantly to building of  the immediate community, the larger community and the nation as a whole.

John Oluwawalemi

John Oluwawalemi is a Master's Degree Holder from the prestigious University of Ibadan, lover of music, books and God's Word.


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