WBO super-middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders has been on an apology-path over the years, for misconduct.
Just earlier this month, he issued an apology for calling an airline to say that one of his friends, who was billed to fly, was displaying coronavirus symptoms. His friend was removed from the flight, but he later tested negative for the virus.
In 2018, a video emerged of Saunders (in his car) seemingly offering drugs to a woman for a sex act, and asking her to punch a passerby, before driving off. He was fined £100000 by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC).

Now Saunders is on the news again, for ‘bad.’ The boxer released a video on social media showing men, using a punching bag, how to hit their female partners (on the chin) during this coronavirus lockdown. When the video wasn’t going down well with people, he apologized, saying, “I didn’t mean for anyone to get upset about it. There are people dying all around the world with coronavirus and I was just trying to take the heat off that a little bit. It clearly hasn’t done. My sense of humour is not everyone’s cup of tea.” He further said he will never condone domestic violence, and has gone ahead to donate £25000 to domestic abuse charities.

However, the BBBoC has announced the suspension of Saunders’ Boxing Licence, pending a hearing. His promoter, Eddie Hearn, was not happy at all, bemoaning, “It’s one step forward, four steps back with Billy Joe Saunders and it is frustrating, You just can’t do it, especially when you’re in your position. People who are in abusive relationships are watching that video. You cannot do it, it’s unacceptable.”


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