Seun Kuti, the son of the late Femi Anikulapo-Kuti took to Instagram to share his own views about the debate about yahoo boys.

He wrote in the caption of his post

The yahoo boy is the legitimate child of the political and business elite. Our ability as Nigerians to pick and choose wat criminals to hate and what criminals to jump and dance for is the reason we can’t develop especially when the criminals we shuck and jive for are the real DEVILS!! STIGMATIZE ALL NIGERIAN CRIMINALS NOT JUST THE YAHOO BOY!! #getthesax

he also wrote in another post

Now you will make these oppressors use the people as an excuse to oppress the people. When police starts harassing all young people , na una go shout END SARS!!! I won’t let these people create an atmosphere where there harassment of young people will become acceptable!! Let’s go after the people creating the criminality!! Politicians and bankers and oil workers ROB ALL OF US EVERYDAY!! EVERY EFFING DAY. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS.#getthesax Why is this conversation hard to start. UNA DEY FEAR?

see his posts below:


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