Mothers are really special and really undergo a lot of sacrifice for their children. They do really need to be celebrated for all their hard work from carrying us in the womb and training us to who we are now/ who we are becoming.

JJC Skillz took to Instagram and Twitter to celebrate Funke Akindele the mother of his children.

He wrote “So much joy in my heart ❤️ to wake up this morning to wish you ❤️ Happy Mother’s Day my queen @funkejenifaakindele My life was like an empty paper 📝 until you came and filled it up with your words. God answers prayers. R.I.P Mummy Me 🙏 God bless every Mum in the world. You’re the backbone of the family. May God strengthen and uphold you.”

see video’s below

John Oluwawalemi

John Oluwawalemi is a Master's Degree Holder from the prestigious University of Ibadan, lover of music, books and God's Word.


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