A businessman, Alhaji Shehu Marafa, on Friday, prayed a Gudu Grade II Court to order his estranged fiancee to return the N500,000 he gave her to plan their wedding.

Marafa filed a suit against Aisha Shetima, his fiancee, over her failure to honor the marriage agreement between them.

While standing before the court, Marafa narrated how he went to meet Shetima’s parents in February, in Bauchi state, after which he paid N50,000 as bride price.

He also gave the parents N20,000, a basket of Kola nuts and a carton of sweets as part of the marriage negotiations.

The wedding was thereafter fixed for April 27, after the engagement was done.

Marafa however received a shocking news, when his supposed bride, called him 2 weeks after the introduction, cancelling the wedding in the grounds that she was no longer interested.

“I gave her N200,000 cash to her as part of the marriage expenses.

“I also transferred N300,000 to her account when she started disturbing me for her balance.

“After she said she wouldn’t marry me again without giving a reason, I pleaded with her repeatedly but she bluntly refused to reconsider.

“I then informed her father who said he was going to talk to her.

“A week after, her father called and said she still insisted on calling of the wedding.

“Her father then returned the N70,000 and paid it into my brother’s account who then transferred the money to me.

“My brother then told me that he told her father that he has forgiven the basket of kolanuts and carton of sweet and so he didn’t need to return them.

“Aisha, however, has refused to pay my N500,000 back.” He told the court.

In her defense, Shetima told the court that she called off the wedding because Marafa didn’t give her an option.

According to her, the date they fixed for the wedding would not be convenient for her, which she made known to Marafa, but he insisted on that date.

“After telling him that April would not be convenient, he told me that if I didn’t go ahead with it, he would begin to suspect me.

“As a result, I decided to call off the wedding,” she said.

The case has been adjourned till July 3 for judgment.


Sylvester is an event manager and decorator. He is a trained extension agent and a development communicator, a freelance writer, drama minister and pastor.


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