Kolade Johnson was shot dead on March 31, after been hit by a police officer’s stray bullet. He was watching the Premier League match between Liverpool and Tottenham, when the terrible incident happened.

Falz reacted to this in a tweet in which he wrote:

He also said:

Adesua Etomi also reacted to this incident, she took to her instagram to share this

I am SO SICK of the abuse of power by SARS. I am SO SICK of a government that turns deaf ears to the cries of it’s people. HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE before something is done about this nonsense? Every other day, we hear stories of how citizens are beaten, killed, robbed, kidnapped by SARS. If a tree is producing rotten fruit, CUT IT DOWN. This is Kolade. His only crime was watching football. That was all he was doing when a stray bullet hit him yesterday. A bullet fired by a SARS official. They fled the scene btw. So who do we hold responsible? He has a son who now has to grow up without a father, all because some idiot was trigger happy. P.s I didn’t know Kolade. This could have been anyone. Kola is the face (today) of the many that have gone. #EndSars #justiceforkola #thishastostop Ps: Pls if you have Kolade’s wife’s contact details or his mums contact details, pls send a dm to @theofficialeme_ or @bankywellington

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