The pandemic virus that hit the world late last year has been causing causing serious lockdown in several ways. Beyond the lockdown of the restriction of movement in several states and countries, coronavirus has caused a ‘lockdown’ too in businesses, in the economy, etc. As a matter of fact, thousands have lost their employment in the face of this pandemic, and commercial sex workers are not exempted from this.

It is well known that commercial sex workers thrive on the influx of customers seeking their service. However in this stay-at-home period, and in deed for the fear of the virus, business has not be booming as usual for commercial sex workers; this is because everyone is staying at home. A visit to several brothels in Lagos reveals these women standing by roadsides, into the dead of the night, waiting and ‘praying’ that a customer will just show up. On one occasion, out of sheer exhaustion and frustration, one of the commercial sex workers was heard cursing coronavirus, saying that “it will not be better for the virus, as it has spoilt their market for them.” As she said this, other colleagues of hers joined her to curse the virus.

This pandemic is really shaking a lot of things. Some are for good though… laughs


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