Last week, 127 people returned to Osun State from Ivory Coast and were kept in the coronavirus isolation center in Ejigbo. This is in accordance with best practices in curbing the spread of coronavirus in regions.

However, recently, a news appeared in the media that 6 out of these detained persons have gone missing from the isolation center. In response to this, the Osun state government has revealed that only one (1) of the returnees have been observed to be actually missing. In a statement, the State Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation, Funke Egbemode, declared that the government had in no time given out any information about 6 persons missing from the isolation center. She declared the news flying around in the media to be fake, quickly adding that the first name on that list of missing persons was confirmed to still be in the center. However, she went on to state that a headcount of the returnees in the isolation center was taken this morning, and only 1 person was missing.

So the government is saying one is missing, not six. But whether six or one, missing returnees are dangerous to the society. Imagine what a single coronavirus patient can do to a community?
Another concern I have is: is it actually possible for a person under isolation to leave the center without anyone noticing? I think this is a case of corruption. I appeal to the Osun state government to fast-track measures to get this missing returnee back.


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