Abdelhak Nouri, a Dutch-Moroccan midfielder, who plays for Dutch football giants Ajax collapsed in the field of play in a pre-season friendly match between Ajax and Germany’s Werder Bremen on the 8th day of July, 2017. The match, which was played in Austria, saw the midfielder collapse due to a cardiac arrhythmia attack and this led to a severe and permanent brain damage, leading to a state of coma.

After two years, eight months and 19 days, the Dutch player has awoken from the coma. This is what his brother, Abderrahim, said regarding the state of the 22-year-old, “It is going well with Appie [that’s Abdelhak]… He’s awake, he’s asleep, he’s eating, he’s burping, but he’s not getting out of bed. At good times there is a form of communication, then he moves his eyebrows. He just can’t keep it up for long, that seems to be top sport for him.”


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