The Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria (SCSN), in its pre-Ramadan meeting at the weekend in Kaduna. The President of the council, Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmad Rising said that due to the poor efforts in tackling insecurity in the country by the federal government, the council expresses her sadness.

About 80 Muslim leaders from 25 states across the country were in attendance. The SCSN Secretary General, Nafiu Baba Ahmad signed and read 5-paragraph communique, explaining the need of changing the ways of combatting the security challenges by the federal government. Stating that the efforts made by the federal government in tackling the insecurity in North Eastern States and in Zamfara, Kaduna, Katsina, Taraba and Benue States, “is grossly inadequate”. The government was advised to be up and doing in its responsibilities in reviewing the current security strategy and making the security chiefs responsible for their actions and inactions.

The communiqué reads in part, “That the security situation in the country has reached an alarming state, in addition to the north eastern states and now states like Zamfara, Kaduna, Katsina, Taraba and Benue, where cases of kidnapping, banditry, and Boko Haram are unleashing terror with impunity.

“The efforts in tackling the situation is grossly inadequate. The Council is accordingly calling on the government to braze up to its basic responsibility by reviewing its current security strategy and holding the security chiefs accountable for their actions and inactions. “The government is therefore called upon to engage the Fulani leadership, listen to their complaints and pay them compensation over their loses of both lives and herds of cattle.

“We call on all Muslims to continue to pray for peace to reign in this country and both the Imams of Jumma’ah and other mosques to start saying the Qunut for the improvement of the security situation in the country. “The Council observes that the continuous marginalisation of Muslims in the Armed Forces, intelligence and other law enforcement agencies has not abated. Justice demands that this prolonged marginalisation must be urgently addressed. “That the recent political antecedent in the democratic land scape of the country has taught us that as the majority, henceforth the Ummah demands the implementation of democracy in its totality since democracy is a game of numbers”.


Sylvester is an event manager and decorator. He is a trained extension agent and a development communicator, a freelance writer, drama minister and pastor.


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