Nigerians are groaning again in darkness after the national electricity grid suffered a major failure on Wednesday, seizing power supply to homes amidst scorching weather conditions.

This failure has led to a decline in supply of electricity to a meagre 230 megawatts or less for a population exceeding 180 million.

Some power generation engineers who preferred anonymity said the faults were still being traced, and that power situation might not return to normal for another 72 hours.

Some distribution precincts were able to receive a few megawatts of power from the national grid, others were plunged into total darkness.

Even though Nigeria generates a fraction of the energy it needs to power the country, consistent power failures have been the other of the day.

A similar event was recorded in June 2018, where the country was thrown into darkness after the national grid suffered acute gas shortages to fire turbines.


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