Italy has continued to experience an alarming number of deaths since the outbreak of corona virus (COVID-19) in the country, recording even more deaths than China.

In the Vatican city, a clergyman (whose identity has not been revealed), who has lived for years in a guest house (St. Martha’s guest house) in the same residence as Pope Francis, has recently tested positive for coronavirus and has therefore been hospitalized in Rome.

The 83-year old Pope Francis, who also uses this same building for several occasions, has remained largely secluded while the building is being disinfected by the authorities of Vatican city. It is to be recalled that the Pope had a cold towards the end of February and was photographed coughing and blowing into a handkerchief on 26th February. He was tested for COVID-19 a fews days afterwards, and the result came out negative.

The Pope is acclaimed to be in good health, and just this morning, he live-streamed a mass at the Santa Marta church.


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