Senator Ali Ndume of APC-Borno South has been endorsed by Borno elders for the senate presidency of the 9th National Assembly. It was reported that Ndume, Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno kinsmen were dumped by the governor.

The elders spokesman said that Ndume was asked to take the position by President Muhammadu Buhari last December. Advising the President that the 9th Senate President should not be given to the wrong person so as not to suffer further destruction and to find out through critical examination of Ndume and Lawan to know who is more qualified, experienced and loyal to serve as Senate President.

Saying that Ndume has lawmaking administrative experience, who was once a Minority Leader in the House of Representatives and then a Majority Leader before Lawan. Pointing attention to the fact that Ndume was removed as Senate Leader and punished due to his closeness to the Presidency. Again, Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki substituted Ndume with Lawan because he was in support of Buhari’s policy which led to him been suspended, Ndume been a willing partner.

According to the group, Ndume has the highest number of bill passed, claiming that “This is because it is the responsibility of the Senate leader to liaise with the Senate and Mr President, perhaps this was not taken seriously.

“Senate leader is the one who markets executive bill to the Senate and carries out any improvement such bill requires to be accepted by the Senate. This is the function Lawan failed to achieve.”

Senator Ndume has no doubt sacrificed most while defending his party’s interest and tha 8th senate policy, losing the position of Senate leadership due to his support for Buhari. Declaring that “Before we decided to throw our support for Ndume to contest for the 9th Senate President’s position if it was zoned to the North-East geopolitical zone, we the Borno elders on the platform of Concerned Borno Citizens asked our son whether he conferred with President Buhari, the ultimate leader of the ruling party, of his intention,” he said.

Another source told newsmen that “Ndume would prefer to be defeated after the voting process instead of stepping down for Lawan,’’ adding that Ndume is most qualified to be the Senate President.


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