Kagiso Kgatla, aged 19 is suing the Tambo Memorial Hospital and its Doctors for negligence. Her baby was born decapitated, while the rest of the body was trapped in the womb for about 24 hours.

She spoke with South Africa’s eNCA TV and said. “The doctor came and said I should push. I pushed and pushed. Nothing. He inserted his hands and said I should try again but still there was nothing…He also said he could see the baby’s head,”

She also accused the doctor of cutting off her baby’s head on grounds that it had very little chances of surviving and said “Then he asked for those big spoons. That’s when my baby’s head came out, but only the head, the body remained inside,”

The hospital administrators have launched investigations to know where the delivery went wrong.

John Oluwawalemi

John Oluwawalemi is a Master's Degree Holder from the prestigious University of Ibadan, lover of music, books and God's Word.


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