The number of confirmed cases and deaths from coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, just over a few months, is quite alarming. The disease which originated from China has spread like wildfire across several countries of the world, and is affecting the world’s economy negatively.

According to recent reports, the statistics from this pandemic outbreak is as follows:
– more than 531,000 cases of coronavirus has been confirmed worldwide
– the figure of deaths is slightly above 24,000
– over 122,000 of the confirmed cases have recovered.

For the confirmed cases, US leads the charts with close to 86,000 cases, while on the other hand, Italy tops in the number of deaths with over 8200 deaths.

These figures are quite alarming and several countries have taken drastic measures to curb the spread of this infection, including a total lock-down; South Africa just started her 14-day total lock-down.

These are the figures; will it keep rising or are we at the verge of it receding?


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