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Kisses and Huggs Club, facilitated by Dunamis & Sophia exists to cater for the whole family through daily christian content in various ways.

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Dating, Relationship & Marriage Courses & Webinars

Dive into the world of KHC, learn, improve….and get ready for your marital life.

Our courses are designed to advance your life spiritually, emotionally and inttelectually!

Web Development - Click HERE

Learn how to Develop Websites in 2 Weeks. No Coding. Online. At Your Pace!

7 Days With Waiting Singles - Click HERE

Take a trip into God for 7 Days, with prayers, fasting, teachings, action plans and more. All teachings and Midnight Prayers available in Video as well.

Pre-Wedding/Marriage Counseling - Click HERE

Extensive Classes covering all areas for those intending to get married. Classes are designed to prepare you for marriage.

28 Days of Marital Breakthrough - Click HERE

28 Days of Intense journey into God. This will advance your life in mamy ways. Break all curses, destroy harmful habits, if there are any, in strategic prayers. 28 days of intense disciplined spiritual experiences.

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