Former communications minister, Adebayo Shittu, has made is support known towards the growing calls for Adam Oshiomhole immediate resignation as the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In an exclusive interview with Premium Times, Mr. Shittu said that the injustice and impunity practiced by Oshiomhole was shown in the defect experienced by the APC Oyo State, and sited other instances of misfortune elsewhere during the last general elections.


According to Mr. Shittu, “Oshiomhole’s exit is necessary to avoid the APC “going down in 2023.”

Mr. Shittu who also unable to secure the APC ticket to run for the governorship election in Oyo State said; “God has a way of ensuring that people are punished for their mischief, for their injustices and all that.”

When asked about his submission to the growing calls for Oshiomhole’s resignation, Mr. Shittu said; “this is somebody who met the party having 26 states. By the time he (was through) with shenanigans and destruction, the party is left with barely 20 states or so now. My fear is that if he is not removed before 2023, there is a possibility of APC going down.

“President Buhari is the magnet keeping the party together now. Once President Buhari is no longer on the ballot, I can’t say with Oshiomhole. So, it’s a matter of urgency that we retire him. So, we bring fair-minded (persons), who would engage less of their mouth than their brain.”


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