The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNGs) has accused South West leaders recent #RevolutionNow protest conspiracy against the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

President Buhari has been charged to this end through the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) to review the political ties and alliance between the North and South-West.

The group issuing a statement on Wednesday by its spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Sulaiman, made known its shock that political, religious, cultural and traditional leaders from South West have been silent regarding the protest.

The group in the statement added that; “It is quite unfortunate that the South-West, which has been the single major beneficiary of the Buhari administration should also be in the forefront of efforts to discredit and bring him down.

“We also wish to ask the president if in all honesty he still considers the South western players as true friends who are genuinely desirous of his success. He should ask himself if the treatment he is receiving from them is worth the attention he had given the South West.”

CNGs said northern leaders and elite believe that the current political alignment with the South West “is not paying and it never will,” adding: “The vital task at this point is for the northern political leadership to renegotiate its current alliance with the South West, which has never been North’s political ally. The alliance is already turning out to be unhealthy.”

The group called on the northern elders and leaders “to review the region’s position by realigning with our traditional political friends which had served the whole nation for decades before the coming of this unholy and unprofitable union with the South Western block.

“This has become necessary with the way the South West is going about the current friendship by being more openly antagonistic to northern interests even while they are the major beneficiaries of the Buhari administration.


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